New Testimonials about my integrative work. 

Other healing testimonials are available from my second site: https://heatherwilks.com/testimonials-heather-for-stress-relief/


ONE  I was stuck trying to find my next house to live in. It looked like I’d have to take short term leases while I kept looking for a longer-term solution. There is a house crisis in Melbourne. For the number of property applications I did, and the number of ways I had altered my approach, things were looking grim. I contacted Heather Wilks.

I was beyond desperate and had gone into a place gripped by stress and struggling to get my mind to slow down. It was a surreal turn around in 2 sessions on consecutive days. Overnight I went from zero interest, agents not even looking at my application (deeply entrenched beliefs about worthiness and being chosen and hopes deferred/dashed) to four, yes four, property managers contacting me to say I had been successful.

During the second call, while Heather and I were on Zoom (she was using Pendulum Dowsing and Courts Of Atonement), a message came through from a utilities company saying they were ready to connect my services. A real shock, given I had not received the official documents, or transferred funds to clinch the rental of my choice!

This is a miracle in my life. I’m not one of those people who has history of “just wait and it will come”. I don’t have that pattern – until now! Huge shout out to Heather and her work. This is the kind of change that sets me up to live in a much kinder, friendlier, fairer world. Thank you so much. Rae Blackwell


TWO My sessions with Heather Wilks have been both very helpful and very healing. Heather had the wonderful ability to pick up on the essence of what I was saying about my issues of anxiety and stress, underpinned by trauma.

I consequently felt really heard and supported. The work we did was based on collapsing long held, unhelpful beliefs and their mental and physical consequences. With Heather’s various methods, including Dowsing, Tapping, Courts of Atonement, Bilateral stimulation and Counselling, I felt lighter, unburdened, out of pain and peaceful.

Thank you Heather for your intuitive, empathic and pragmatic approach to healing. I am so grateful to have met you via Zoom. Patricia Miller