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It’s been announced that all bushfires are officially out in NSW – no confirmation yet on other regions. However I decided to share another protocol I’ve developed for Australia. (You can change the location and the specifics to suit you). I had emailed Raymon Grace to update him on our weather. He’s kindly been working to help us again. In my weather protocols I always use temperate language to request natural, gentle rainfall, in beneficial amounts – not ‘heavy rain’ or ‘lots of rain’. In spite of such careful intentions, unfortunately things changed from extreme drought to excessive rain and flooding in many areas. More real problems. Raymon’s suggested that our people were out of balance and that was causing an imblance in the weather. That totally resonated with me. Quite a part from the dreadfulness of our summer, there is now the coronavirus causing more grief and outright terror.

I had developed protocols specifically for the weather and the coronavirus (updated today), then decided to do what I can about bringing more balance to Australia on all levels.  Rather than add it as another link to the Remote Dowsing page, I decided to pop it here, so that my Blog has actually started!

18 February 2020 (updated)

Dowsing protocol for Australia

Please make your own adjustments to this protocol, according to prompts you receive.

#1  Start by spinning your pendulum your NO direction (usually counter-clockwise) to take out what’s not wanted, then let the pendulum take over.

# Neutralising all the imbalance, trauma, shock, confusion, division and anything else, known or unknown driving the mass fear levels being experienced in Australia. And all the disunity and disruption that’s creating instability throughout the country.

Neutralising any victim mentality, the spirit of victimisation and any victim archetypes involved. Removing, deleting and uninstalling all fear, detrimental energies, prejudiced reactions and any evil agendas – all the negative effects of humans connected to the people, animals, the land, the weather and the coronavirus in Australia.

(Wait until your pendulum stops spinning.)

#2  Start to spin your pendulum in your YES direction (usually clockwise) to bring about what is wanted and then let it take over.

# Transforming the energy for greater balance for Australia’s people, animals and the land, resulting in calmer, safer weather patterns and the elimination of all traces of the coronavirus.

Raising levels of support through increased empathy, and mobilisation of others to help through acts of kindness. Bringing in the spirits of love and gratitude for increased consideration and practical assistance, as safe and appropriate.

Bringing in the spirit of Arnica, in God’s potency (right amount, right timing) to deal with the existing shock. Bringing in the spirits of trust, hope, courageousness, confidence, clarity, unity, peace, inspiration and divine guidance.

Magnifying this dowsing with the help of spiritual dowsers and the skills of the best dowsing practices. This or something better as safe and appropriate, from now and into the future across all time, dimensions, space and reality, as safe and appropriate. Thank you.

(Wait until your pendulum stops spinning.)