What is dowsing?

Dowsing is a technique to locate underground water, energies, substances, missing people or animals, or lost objects. Dowsing can also be used to source information and to send and change energy.



Yes/No dowsing is a tool for life. It’s ideal for every-day practicalities.

•  choosing a suitable remedy, a practitioner
•  freshness or ripeness of food (avocados!)
•  choosing a meal in a restaurant
•  a reliable tradesperson for a reasonable price
•  gifts people will appreciate and use
•  best directions and times for travel
•  whether to take a particular action

Like everything, dowsing takes practice. It’s only limited by imagination.

I encourage people to use FasterEFT-style tapping to overcome doubts and fears about dowsing. Removing those pesky emotions can speed up your dowsing confidence.

With Yes/No dowsing mastered, it’s time to go on to advanced pendulum dowsing. It works by removing what we don’t want with a pendulum in the No direction and bringing in what we do want in the Yes direction.

Does dowsing work?

Usually dowsing works straight away. Sometimes we need to do it again and even again, and that’s fine. Most things need repetition (eg eating nourishing food). And as dowsers we’re not fully aware of the greater picture. Like everything else in life – except perhaps gravity – dowsing  doesn’t work for everything. And, I find a lot depends on the positive outlook of the dowser and receiver.

A dowsing pendulum, rod or a bobber is simply use to focus intention. It’s important to have clear questions without ambiguity which creates confusion. The Yes/No answers come from the Universal Mind, Greater Consciousness, God or the Creator of All That Is, whichever description resonates.

I find keeping a notebook with details of what I dowse on is a great help. It’s so encouraging to look back and see the breadth of what’s been covered and the results. It’s a great spur to dowse for more!

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Heather Wilks
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