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Heather Wilks

After learning the basics of Yes/No dowsing in 2001, I went on to discover ways to dowse to change energy. So often we feel powerless to make changes, yet with knowledge like this we can be empowered to bring healing to ourselves, others and animals. We can also transform relationships, situations and, sometimes even the weather.

My book, ‘Dowsing Heals’, is a combined practical manual and workbook. It includes scripted protocols for dowsing many different aspects of life. It’s a reminder that we have such power at our fingertips. My book introduces FasterEFT as a way to overcome doubts and fears. A great way to increase your confidence with dowsing. When you order ‘Dowsing Heals’ you’ll receive a PDF in your choice of US Letter or A4 – to suit your needs.

I use pendulum dowsing as part of my healing practice which centres on releasing anxiety, stress and PTSD. I work from Carnegie (suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia) using Zoom and Remote dowsing.

Raymon Grace

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Robert G. Smith

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I often dowsed for my own beautiful Burmese cats. Tashe was a week off 21 years when she left and her daughter Coco was 19 at the end. Dowsing, Australian Bush Flower Essences, and Reiki were big contributors to their longevity.

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Please note hard copies are now only available for purchase within Australia.
International postal delays are too fraught (and expensive) to post outside of Australia.

If you’re in Australia and would prefer to purchase a printed hard copy please email me and I’ll provide pricing details including postage. The printed copy is A4, spiral bound which opens flat to suit dowsing with the various protocols. 

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Heather Wilks
Vice President & Newsletter Editor
Dowsing Society of Victoria (DSV)
Author of ‘Dowsing Heals’




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