Court of Atonement Dowsing

Amy Jo Ellis is a gifted American channeller, dowser, healer, teacher and author.

The terms Courts of Atonement (COA) and Full Courts of Atonement (FCOA) are often used interchangeably.

From the start, I automatically picked up a pendulum and dowsed in the Yes direction as I was doing these. That’s continued. I feel it makes each one more powerful and it lets me know when a process is complete.

For Remote Healing, I adapt this as follows:

I, Heather Wilks, place (name of client) into a Full Court of Atonement with (details about the problem/s) for the purpose of analysing the timelines and resolving any and all conflicts and discord at their points of origin. I ask for amenable dissolution of this energy.

I particularly like working with the “Change Your Beliefs” sheet which often brings about truly magical results. It easily peels away the layers of the proverbial onion to go straight to an underlying problem.

There are many variations I use, depending on what’s needed. Amy Jo’s site shows the breadth of this work.

She has developed “Speed Calls” which are abbreviations for subjects with a lot of depth, many layers. I use a number of these, depending on what’s involved.

One I use constantly is for Bless-ed Travels to help clear the way for easy travelling, wherever. Another I particularly favour is the speed call for Emergency Services. While it’s called a Spiritual 911 in the US, I use Spiritual 000 for my work in Australia. It’s for Energetic/Spiritual Assistance.