Remote Dowsing

• Dowsing for weather

Dowsing is such an empowering way for us to provide useful help. Mine started with learning to talk to the Nature Spirits (NS) and dowsing after the shocking Victorian bushfires and drought in 2009.

In desperation, I had contacted Raymon Grace for advice. He invited back the NS which had apparently gone missing in my home state of Victoria, Australia and encouraged me to speak to the NS and to dowse. Rain fell just days after. I began by shyly speaking to the NS, which didn’t come naturally to me, a city person. I developed a protocol and shared it   widely. I’ve been sharing dowsing protocol updates for extremes of weather, bushfires, hurricanes, cyclones ever since.

In our late 2019 and early 2020 (Australia’s summer), it was mystifying as to why chats to the NS and dowsing took so long to ease the conditions enveloping Australia, especially given the wonderful dowsing support we’d received from far and wide. Fortunately the weather conditions improved and we were very grateful to all the dowsers who helped us. 

Here are details of replays of two Zoom presentations I’ve made to dowsers in the US. 
•  The first to the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) in January 2020.
•  The second to the Tucson Dowsers in Arizona in June 2021.  My talk begins at 13.52 minutes)

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• Remote dowsing for clients

Aside from my community service dowsing, as part of my healing practice I use Remote/Absent/Distant dowsing to help others with health issues, lost items or animals, problem situations. Fees vary, according to the job involved.

I also find dowsing can work well for real estate transactions. It can be buying, selling or leasing properties. In January 2024 I helped to sell four properties. One in Melbourne, one in Rural Victoria and another in Queensland.

With some 23 years’ dowsing experience, I find it works best when a client is able to let go and trust. I encourage people to enthusiastically imagine the outcome they want, as though it’s already happened. 

• How to dowse to send a remedy

At times when not able to provide someone with a specific remedy like a flower essence or the homeopathic Arnica, I sometimes ‘send the energy’ with dowsing, trusting the person will receive it via another frequency.

My pendulum swings in my Yes direction while I say out loud, ‘Bringing in the Spirit of (name of remedy) in God’s potency (meaning right amount, right timing) for his/her highest good. Thank you.’ Then I wait until my pendulum stops.

It works

I had amazing proof of this working when, some years ago, when my dear aunt had a nasty fall from bed at her nursing home, she was badly bruised and shocked. I received a prompt to dowse in the Spirit of Arnica (the marvellous homeopathic first aid remedy). The nursing staff couldn’t believe how quickly my aunt recovered. She was well into her 80s and yet the bruising disappeared in a day or so.

One of my dowsing students asked if she could bring in the Spirit of a particular homeopathic for her granddaughter who had tonsillitis. My student’s mother had been a homeopath and she knew exactly which one to use. She picked up her pendulum in my class and dowsed it in. The result was brilliant. Whereas her son and daughter-in-law were planning for the girl’s operation, that never eventuated. Five years on, her granddaughter still has her tonsils.

I am grateful I’d made a note in an A5 spiral notebook when dowsing for my aunt as I soon forgot about it. It was only when I was preparing to write my ‘Dowsing Heals’ book that I went back through my many notebooks and found that entry. I always keep records of dates, who or what I’m dowsing about, steps used and outcomes. It seems to me that bringing in the Spirit of a remedy was divinely inspired. I could not have known logically. I often use it now, especially with Australian Bush Flower Essences – and Arnica!

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Heather Wilks
Vice President & Newsletter Editor
Dowsing Society of Victoria (DSV)
Author of ‘Dowsing Heals’