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What others have said about my ‘Dowsing Heals’ book.

“I just finished reading your book and am so excited. I have been a Dowser for close to 40 years, read many books on the subject, am a follower of Raymon Grace, and have taught several dowsing classes. Your easy to read and understand book brought me many new ideas and new twists on old concepts. In short, it is excellent!” SR (USA)

“Thank you so much for writing your dowsing book. So much wonderful information at my fingertips. It was a timely reminder of all the things you taught in your course. Dowsing is such a versatile tool. One thing that stood out for me is how you use dowsing with Inna Segal’s work. That is a whole new horizon for me to work with.” AS (Australia)

“Thank you for writing this book. I spent all Christmas Day reading it. I was just asking the universe the other day for a way to help in a larger way then there was your book. What wonderful potential to help and heal. Mankind needs a little boost of goodness, this may be just a nice part. It’s time for this book so good on ya for doing it.” RS (Canada)

Congratulations on a great book. I’m very confident that someone who knows nothing about dowsing will be able to dowse by the time they have finished reading it. MM (Australia)

Great book. Great info!! It’s really good detailed info for me to use, just what I needed. HZ (Netherlands) 

Thank you a lot for this most wonderful book. It is truly precious and truly a tool for dowsers. PG (Australia)

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If you prefer to purchase a printed hard copy please email me to let me know your location and I’ll provide pricing details including postage. The printed copy is A4, spiral bound which opens flat to suit dowsing with the various protocols. 

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