Raymon Grace

The Foreword

My dowsing is all about empowering people to take control of their lives, so it’s always good to meet others who take my work seriously.

I met Heather Wilks via email in her role as editor of the Dowsing Society of Vic. Inc. (DSV) Newsletter.

She asks my advice from time to time and she takes it.

Some years ago I helped out when there was a severe drought in her region of Victoria, Australia. I suggested she had the dowsers at the

DSV thank the Nature Spirits daily for ending their drought safely and filling the dams and to invite the Spirit of the Rain.

Heather kept urging the DSV folk to do that and when it started to rain, she again did as I suggested, asked everyone to thank the Nature Spirits and put the Spirit of love, gratitude, respect and freedom into the rain.

I then received a very excited email saying that the rain fell and those dams filled up.

I have shared her story with those attending the places where I speak and I’m thankful for her sharing it with you. She’s asked if she could include my details in her book and I am happy to agree.

Raymon Grace, Founder & President of the Raymon Grace Foundation