Dowsing for animals

I use dowsing to help animals in situations where there’s illness or where they’re experiencing distress or difficulty with other animals, people or locations.

Straightforward Yes/No dowsing is very useful for determining whether giving a remedy to your pet is appropriate. You may be considering a flower essence or something else. Dowsing will allow you to pinpoint which are the most appropriate and in what doses.

You can easily adapt any of the protocols suggested in
the Checklist for situations involving animals. As a rule of thumb, anything that’s appropriate for a human is generally adaptable for an animal.

‘going back in time’

For example when your dog is reacting to an oncoming storm you can dowse to remove the non-beneficial emotions, negative programs. You can test to see whether going back in time would be an appropriate protocol. Finishing with the possible futures protocol would round it out well.

When there’s a new animal brought into a home, an existing pet can become very distressed. Again, dowsing with one
or more of the protocols from the Checklist can make such a difference. Listening for intuitive prompts as you dowse is always helpful too.