Robert G. Smith

Since I developed FasterEFT I’ve had visions of it being used in schools, taking it beyond healing practices and group presentations.

One thing I had not considered was that it might be used as a teaching tool in connection with something like dowsing.

Heather Wilks has been an enthusiastic supporter of FasterEFT since I initially set foot in Melbourne Australia in 2010.

She was the first one I worked on in a demonstration there which led to her throwing away her prescription glasses. As a result, she embraced FasterEFT enthusiastically for herself and to work with her clients.

On one visit to Melbourne I was surprised to discover that she had been using FasterEFT in her dowsing classes.

Dowsing is not something that interests me personally, but I am pleased that Heather had the foresight to incorporate it in her alternative teaching work.

It’s not surprising that she’s helping more people to learn to dowse more easily. FasterEFT is the ideal way to clear doubts, fears, worries and anything else that can get in the way of learning anything new.

Robert G. Smith Founder of FasterEFT